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Redefine Your BEAUTY: Life Beyond The Scale

Redefined 1 on 1                                                                                            30 min  I  $25.00

Redefined 1 on 1 incorporates dance fitness and strength training all in one. In this session you will not only be challenged but you will have fun while doing it. This session is able to hold up to 5 people and will be held at your time slot once a week.

8 week Weight Loss Plan                                                                     45 min I $100.00




Kids Private Party(Deposit)                                                                   2 hr  I  $150.00

Let Redefined Studios Customize the perfect Birthday party for you and your friends.

Adult Private Party(Deposit)                                                                  2 hr  I  $150.00

Let the Hip Hop Redefined Team Redefine your party experience.







Hip Hop Redefined Class                                                                             1 hr  I  $7.00  


Hip-Hop Redefined is all about burning up the dance floor and burning calories at the same time. Hip-Hop Redefined blends hip hop dance moves and toning, making them simple and easy to follow! Anyone can do this! This workout feels more like a night on the town than exercise. Drop the pounds and get rapid results while you dance, dance, dance!

Redefine Your Groove                                                                                   1 hr  I  $5.00


Redefine Your Groove lower impact, easy to follow, Hip Hop inspired dance fitness party that will keep you in the groove of life. This class is a branch of the Hip-Hop Redefined class, it meets all of the same fitness goals. This class is designed to improve your health, balance, and reduce stress. If you love old school hip hop and you love to dance then this is the class for you.

Redefined BootCamp                                                                                   1 hr  I  $7.00


Redefine Your Weekend Boot Camp Focuses on every inch of your body. Redefined Boot Camp is a Fun and efficient way to whip your body into Shape, and quick. Redefined Boot Camp incorporates spinning, floor work, Chair work, and a half hour worth of hardcore dancing. This class is a branch of the Hip-Hop Redefined class, it meets all of the same fitness goals. It is designed to improve your muscle memory, balance, and is also proven to reduce stress. If you want to add some variety to your workout regimen then this is the class for you. If you love to dance and you want to start your weekend off

Final Fridays                                                                                                         1 hr  I  $7.00

                                                                                                                                               LAst Friday

This Class will constantly keep you on your toes with a new themed Werkout each class. Classes will only be offered on the last Friday of each month at Redefined Studios. Spaces will be limited, so be sure to book your class NOW !!!!!

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