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Put some Respect on my future

This week-long bus tour is an opportunity for high school students to get a Glimpse of college life, hear stories from past HBCU graduates, develop new friendships and begin to form opinions about one of the biggest decisions in their lifetime - College.

Our College Tour is designed by former HBCU graduates for soon-to-be college-bound students, keeping their hearts in the forefront. With this HBCU tour, your child will get access to nearly 12 colleges in 6 days! Their observations on the tour will help them figure out what is most important to them. This type of insight can have a significant impact on their future.


Your child’s college choice is one of the biggest decisions they make and largest investments parents make on their behalf. There are no bad choices, but we want to help your child make the best possible choice.


WHAT TO EXPECT…During the visits, students will meet with admission representatives, take a walking tour of the campus and speak with current students, if possible. Our tour is an opportunity for students to see colleges up close and personal.After each campus tour, we will take a moment to fill out a survey on that school. The result will be an invaluable packet of data for parents to review. This packet will have real-time thoughts, feelings and opinions on the campus, facilities, etc. This will be “the thing” that will help keep your child thinking positively about colleges and looking at schools in his/her sweet spot.Additionally, each student will receive a “field trip” notice, transportation, hotel accommodations and a bag to hold all the informative materials they will receive on the tour.

This tour was created by Redefined Studios Which is a dance studio. They started this tour to introduce their Dance team to different college opportunities, however this tour has become so much more and has extended to others in the Cincinnati Community. Redefined Studios believes in Mentorship through the art of dance but they have made it their on going goal to continue to uplift all of the youth in their community.


Deposit: $100(locks Down your spot on the tour)



*Money Order



Note: No refunds after February, 2020, No exceptions.


REDEFINE Your Future Tour dates: TBA 



TENNESSEE: Tennessee State University

MISSISSIPPI: Jackson State University

LOUISIANA: Southern University A&M, Dillard University

ALABAMA: Alabama A&M University, Alabama State University, Tuskegee University

GEORGIA: Spelman College, Morehouse College, Clark Atlanta University

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