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All Monetary donations will go Directly towards  games and different activities for the field day.

We have over one thousand kids interested in participating in our Kids Field Day, so we need all of the HELP that we can get.

  • Your name or business logo featured on our programs handed out to attendees

  • Booth at the Event

  • Cost: $35

We will be giving out School Supplies for the kids that attend the Field day. Your donations will be greatly appreciated.

Items Wanted: Bounce Houses, Jump Ropes, Water Games, Relay Games, Footballs, Dodge-balls, Kickball's, Water Balloons,

Tether Ball Kit, Inflatable Games... ect....

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Hip Hop Redefined is a local emerging dance organization in Cincinnati, OH. Our goal is to continuously find ways to impact our community primarily through the art of dance. Our core competency is Hip Hop Fitness but we have also hosted dance competitions and recently started a non-profit dance majorette team by the name of Fiercely Redefined. We believe it is our responsibility to continue to “Redefine” our communities by giving back and as a result, we are hosting our second annual Kid’s Field Day.

Kid’s Field Day Overview:
The CDC (Centers for Disease Control) estimates that kids need 60 minutes of exercise and/or activity per day. Summer now consists of kids sitting around the house, playing the PlayStation, Facebooking and listening to music on their tablets. We are encouraging the children to drop their electronics and head to the playground. Remember your childhood? Running through the woods and neighbors’ yards, climbing trees, monkey bars- pushing yourself to go just a little bit higher? Hip Hop Redefined’s Field Day for Kids brings back that experience for our children, while also establishing health-friendly habits that will last a lifetime. Hip Hop Redefined’s Field Day for Kids will give our children events where they can play hard, have fun and meet new friends. We will have events such as Flag Football, Basketball, Dodge ball, Volleyball, Tug-a-war, and many other games and activities.

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