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October 30th



  3. Creative Hip Hop

  4. pee wee

  5. Juniors

  6. Senior

  7. Adult

  8. Stands Battle    

  9.  Junior 

  10. Senior 

  11. Parent

  12. Coaches Battle

  13. Coaches

  14. Captains


Dance Category


Hip Hop (Creative): The routine in this category is not to exceed 5 minutes. This category is for your team to showcase their best hip hop dance presentation. This may include old or new school hip hop. In this category the judges will look for precision, stunts, use of floor, formations, synchronization, showmanship, difficulty and originality. Be creative!

Participating Divisions:

  • Pee wee

  • Junior

  • Senior


Battle Categories


Stand Battle: This category will feature teams lined up on opposing sides of the gym floor. There is no time or count limitations. This will be an all-out BATTLE so bring the best of the best stands to present to the other team.

Battle Rules:

  • Maximum of 15 dancers on the floor.

  • Only one person can lead, no switching.

  • No props may be thrown or tossed over boundary lines or at opposing teams.

  • Only one team is permitted to throw a stand at a time. No un-sportsman-like behaviors will be tolerated during stand battle.

  • The team will not cross the designated line that will be pointed out before the stand battle. If team crosses designated line team will be disqualified.


Numbers will be pulled at competition. The teams will be paired on the date of the competition.

Each team will throw 1-3 stands in each round.

Participating Divisions:

  • Pee Wee (Fast,Medium)

  • Junior (Fast,Medium)

  • Senior (Fast,Medium,Slow)

  • Parent (Fast,Medium,Slow)






***In the event of a tie, the Captain or chosen member from each team will go head to head in an all-out face-to-face (may not cross boundary line) battle!!!!***

Coaches Battle: Each Team’s Coach(s) will go round-for-round consisting of FAST, MEDIUM & SLOW tempo songs. Coaches will throw a series of their BEST stands/choreography.  A team/coach will be eliminated each round until they are the LAST MAN/WOMAN/GROUP STANDING. All STAND BATTLE RULES APPLY

*Coaches may only perform in the Coaches Battle category*



Cincinnati and our surrounding areas have some amazing and talented teams, I am very passionate about bringing more opportunities for us to show the world what we have (: I can't wait to see you and your team murdering the stage...!!!!!! 


Registration FEE of $50.00 Can be Paid

Let me know if you have any other questions. If you are ready to sign your team up please fill out the attached Registration Form and either email it back or mail it back to


Redefined Studios

2254 Waycross Road

Forestpark, Ohio 45241


Ps. There are limited Spots so get your registrations in ASAP. Deadline OCT 1st



Thank you, 

Markesha Blackman 

513 - 885 - 6065

Hip Hop Redefined 



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