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Hip Hop


Hip-Hop Redefined is all about burning up the dance floor and burning calories at the same time.

Monday 7pm - 8pm

Dance Fitness Class at Springdale Recreation Center
Dance Fitness Class at Springdale Recreation Center


Your Groove

Redefine Your Groove lower impact, easy to follow, Hip Hop inspired dance fitness party that will keep you in the groove of life

Tuesday 7pm - 8pm

Step Class .jpg

Xtreme Hip Hop Step Fitness

A revamp of traditional step aerobics. With routines set to old and new school hip hop, it makes you want to get up and move while getting a great calorie burn!


Beginners Class 7 - 7:30pm

Advanced Class 7:30 - 8:30pm


Intermediate Class 8:30am


Workout .jpg

Beast Camp

A new way to Werkout

This is a total body fit camp style experience! This class is designed for MAXIMUM calorie burn in the shortest amount of time. We want to get  you fit, get you healthy, challenge your mind, challenge your body, and  most importantly MAKE FITNESS FUN! This 1 hour sweat session will put  you through a combination of, interval training , strength training, and  Dance Fitness for an amazing total body workout!

Saturday 10am - 11:15


1 on 1

Redefined 1 on 1 incorporates dance fitness and strength training all in one. In this session you will not only be challenged but you will have fun while doing it. 

Strength Training


Live Classes

Now you can jump start your workout dancing with the Hip Hop Redefined Team in the comfort of your own home via Online Classes! Not only do you get to dance to all the music you love and fun routines, but you also get to feel the energy of the classes being taught at Redefined Studios. These classes really are live and un-edited. It is a class where you see all types of people working hard, sweating and having a blast. Join Us

Dance Fitness Class at Redefind Studios
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